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Forte enterprise headquarters is located in the town of Beibei District tongjiaxi Tongxing Road No. 71, Xing Yuanyuan Yingang technology, there are six independent legal entity enterprise in China: Chongqing Futai Coating Technology Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Yingang Technology (Group) Co. Ltd., Chongqing new locomotive manufacturing company is new technology limited, Wuxi Fu Yi Auto Zero accessories manufacturing Co. Ltd., Zhongshan Futai paint Co. Ltd., Qingyuan Futai glycerin Co. ltd.. The main products are automobile, motorcycle, household appliances, hardware, electronic components such as surface coating processing; cars, motorcycles and household appliances paint production; refined; motorcycle and electric bicycle, electric tricycle and parts of the R & D, manufacturing, sales in one of the enterprise group. A large number of products, reflecting the powerful technological development capabilities.
Forte enterprise to stand in the development and many partners together, in the fierce market competition in an invincible position.

Tel: 023-68327680
Fax: 023-68327680
Mob: 023-68327680
E-mail: 123@126.com
Website: http://www.afenghe.cn
Zip code: 400709
Addr: Yingang Industrial Park No. 71 South Road, Chongqing District of Beibei City Xing
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Addr:Yingang Industrial Park No. 71 South Road, Chongqing District of Beibei City Xing  Tel:023-68327680    
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